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Our Hammer/Rotary Rig assures our customers a contaminate or pollutant free well.

  • Quality: 95% of the wells we drill in the upstate NY location are bacteria free and drinkable without purification or filtration. 5-10% of the wells may have a nuisance such as iron, sulphur, or hard water. Water filtration is then recommended, but only after the new well has been in working condition for 6 to 12 months. Usually new wells improve in taste and quality over the first year.
  • Quantity: Every well is different and customized to the individual's home and surroundings. Every area has different rock structures and every home has different needs. We try to get our customers a minimum of 3 to 5 gallons per minute when drilling a new well. This assures the customer that the well is an asset to their property and they will have no problem selling the house or leaving it to their family members. Our drillers work with the customer regarding their own specific needs and determine the depths and pump sizes depending on all of the factors.
  • Location: We decide with the builder, engineer, or home owner where a well should go. Each town has specific guidelines on how far a well should be from a septic tank, leach field, or property line. Geological characteristics of the area are taken into consideration also. For economic reasons it can be located near the house and easily accessible for future pump repairs. Overhead wires and tree branches are also considered for setting up the rig.




  • Pumps: We warranty all of our submersible pumps for 5 years. We use several different kinds for different applications.
  • Service: If you are having a water problem such as air in the pipes, you notice the pump coming on when you are not using the water, the lights in your house dim when pump comes on - you need to get in touch with a water professional like us. It may be your pump is on the way out. It's nice to replace the pump before you are completely out of water, but many times that is the first time a home owner realizes there is a problem - they have no water! If that is the case, we put your service call at the top of the list and we are usually able to get there within 24 hours - many times much sooner. Sometimes it appears to be a major pump replacement and only turns out to be simple pressure switch. Having a professional can take the guesswork out of your problems. We give FREE estimates, so don't be afraid to call.
  • New Constant Pressure Systems: Run the garden hose, do a load of wash, and take a shower with constant pressure at every faucet! Better efficiency for your wallet too. Purrs along if you are just doing the dishes, but start pressure washing the garage and the pump speeds up to meet your demands. Saves you money and is better for your pump. Allows the Homeowner to invest in the newest body showers and appliances.
  • TESTIMONIAL 05/2018: "I'm so happy I found Aqua-Tec. They are a Class Act, deserving 5 stars. As a widow, I need a company that I can trust, knows what they are doing and the pricing is right.  Aqua-Tec accomplishes all of that and more.  When I met the two gentlemen doing the work, I was relieved.  They were both so nice and knew what they were doing.  No complaining about all the questions I was asking etc.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who would ask me for a company that does their sort of work.  I would definitely use them again.  They made my worries disappear and that is Priceless."  Sincerely,  Dianne Rochenski, Ashland, NY