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"Water Wells"

"Water Wells"

"Drilling Site"

The FIRST STEP: in having a well drilled is to set up an appointment on the property where the well is to be located. You as a customer get to meet the owner. It is a good time to ask questions. We in turn, find out information about the home you are planning so we can determine how much flow is needed and what size equipment we will be installing. At this time we discuss location and try to pick a site.

The SECOND STEP: You will receive a written proposal from Aqua-Tec based on other wells we have drilled in the area. You as a customer must make a decision whether you are interested in being put on our schedule.

The THIRD STEP: is signing a contract with a down payment.

The FOURTH STEP: Aqua-Tec arrives to drill the well. The customer does not have to be there if they can be reached by phone - but it is better if a customer can actually see the whole process and is aware when we hit water for them. We will help the customer become familiar with the entire experience and advise and consult as we drill.

The FIFTH STEP: is installing the pump system, if there is an existing house, we will begin immediately installing the pump, tank, and hookup. If the house is on its way, we will coordinate with the customer's builder or excavator to complete the system at the right time.

The SIXTH STEP: is turning on the water and we recommend flushing the aquifer until it clears. Every well is different depending on the rock formation. Always ask us for advice - we will help to assure your satisfaction in the quickest possible way.