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Heating and Cooling

"Drilling Site"

"Drilling Site"

"Geo-Loops Installed and Grouted"


Tap the earth's natural energy! Heat your home with geothermal heating and cool naturally all summer long. The ground temperature (below 4 feet) is at 50 degrees in New York State all year round. Aqua-Tec drills the borings, installs the loops for the system, and completes the work of installing the heat pumps and duct work. There are many different applications for Geo from using an available aquifer source, a pond or drilling your own wells for a closed loop system that will go anywhere in any land/rock formation. The borings for a closed loop are grouted for optimum thermal conductivity. Aqua-Tec does all types and has the equipment to satisfy all of your major heating and cooling companies specs. FROM START to FINISH, OUTSIDE and INSIDE, we are TOTAL SERVICE specialists in GEO-THERMAL installations.


  • Free, renewable supply of solar energy 
  • Efficiency ratings up to five times higher than ordinary heating and cooling systems
  • Up to 70% savings on utility bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint, since the system burns no fossil fuels
  • More even distribution of heating and cooling for improved comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Quiet operation with no noisy outdoor units
  • Safe operation that requires no open flame or storage tanks
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased system longevity (average lifespan of 24 years)
  • EXPANDED TAX INCENTIVE OF GEO-THERMAL COOLING AND HEATING: New legislation offers homeowners full 30% tax credit on systems that meet Energy Star requirements. Owners can file for the credit by completing the Renewable Energy credits subsection on their tax return forms.


  • Geothermal Equipment Service/Installation Technician Training
  • Geothermal Pipe Design Training School
  • Fusion Technician certification
  • Members of IGSHPA(International Ground Source Heat Pump Assoc.)
  • IGSHPA Accredited Installer


"The installation of our geothermal heating system with Aqua-Geo was seamless. To us, one of the most important features of Aqua-Geo's service is that Aqua-Geo is not sub-contracting out to complete the job. They are experienced well-drillers who know how to locate the geo-thermal wells on your property, their equipment is completely up to the task, and they take responsibility for every aspect of installation. I was promised their personal responsibility for my property, that it would be cared for as workers completed the job, and that was absolutely true. The drillers even helped to dig out and save my plants to make way for the trench. Their pipe and duct work is clean and doesn't mar the outside or inside appearance of the house. It was a great job, done on time and as promised and the heating system itself is remarkable– quiet, even and efficient. Four out of four stars for this operation. It is a relief to know we can continue to call on Aqua-Geo for any help as we learn to run the system, and for service and filter replacement should it become necessary."

Bonnie and Steven Blader
West Kill, NY