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At Aqua-Tec Water Services, Inc. we specialize in many areas of the water industry. Our primary concern is to give you friendly, professional service in compliance with all regulations and respect for the environment. Walter and Kristen Wyckoff are the owners and have been in the well industry for over 25 years. They are members of both the National Water Well Assoc. and the Empire Water Well Assoc. keeping them abreast of State and National issues relating to ground water. They encourage public awareness in restoring the quality of our groundwater.

Aqua-Tec Water Services, Inc. has a wide range in the Catskill Mountains. We cover Greene, Albany, Schoharie, Delaware, Otsego, and Ulster counties.

If you are looking for a company that will inform, educate and lead you through the water well and pump process - we are the company for you. The owners like to take time to answer questions and to communicate the entire process. A well is something that a person generally does only a few times in their life time - and it should last a life time if done properly

WALTER WYCKOFF has been drilling wells and installing pumps for over 30 years. He is certified with the National Ground Water Assoc., which allows him to be automatically licensed in NYS. Walter is certified in these categories:

  • Cable Tool Drilling
  • Air Rotary Drilling
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Certified Pump Installer
    Pump Installation - Domestic 1-3 Horse Power
    Pump Installation - Domestic 3-20 Horse Power

KRISTEN WYCKOFF married into the water industry 25 years ago and has been educating the public about ground water ever since. Kristen is who you will talk to on the phone and she will be the one who calls you when they hit water! (if you are not on the site at that time) Kristen is in charge of the office sales, bookkeeping and all paperwork regarding your water system. If Kristen is home she is on call at any time - the 800# rings in their home. If she is not there, she is out taking water samples or meeting customers.

JOE WYCKOFF is our Drilling Foreman; he is NYS licensed and has passed the following categories with the National Ground Water Assoc:

  • General Well
  • Reverse Rotary Drilling

Joe has been working for Aqua-Tec since 1998. From the time he was 10 years old Joe has been fascinated with the drilling and pump business, and would beg to go with his Uncle Walt to help pull pump. His interest in the water industry has not declined. He is our right hand man and is becoming very knowledgable in the field.

DAN SHULTES is our Pump and Filtration Foreman. Dan came to us with his Heating and Cooling Degree in 2005 and is now Certified Well Driller passing the following categories:

  • General Well
  • General Pump
  • Cable Tool Drilling
  • Air Rotary Drilling

Dan is great at helping people with water problems, whether you are completely out of water or just have a nuisance. Dan can test your water and give you a hardness and mineral breakdown on the spot.